For our upcoming in district Kindergartners. 

Please see the following information about next week's move-up activities:

All students will need to be dropped off AND picked up. As we do not have a pre-k in our building, there will not be buses bringing students our building.

Drop off and pick up both will happen at the cafeteria doors. If you plan on walking your student in you may bring them in through the front doors. All students will be directed to the cafeteria to meet with the teachers/aides.

We will meet briefly at 8:00 with parents and students before beginning the day. Parents are not expected to stay for the day.

Our students will be staying together and will be having story time, art, music, and PE as well as exploring the school.

After school students may be picked up from the front office or from the cafeteria. Please send a note with your child if they will be picked up at the cafeteria or from the front office. Pick up time will begin at 12:30.

A reminder that this move up day is for in district students only. If you have requested an out of district placement you should send your student to their home school. Please check back through the summer to confirm placement for Kindergarten.